The beauty of Why

I was listening to Richard Feynman the other day and loved how he explained the nature of every question that starts with a “why”.

“Why” is the question that exposes purpose.

“Why” led us, humans, to be the greatest species that ever existed. It’s the fundamental form of curiosity.

At a young age, we continuously ask why. Why is the sky blue? Why is the sun yellow? Why do birds fly? This is how each of us came to a basic understanding of the world around us.

To answer any question that has to do with “why”, we need to have a common framework or a basic understanding of the setting (things, emotions, the world) in place.

“Why did you call me?” “Because I missed you.”

We understand that people miss people and talking helps. That’s the common framework. If we don’t have this framework (which kids develop with their whys after whys), every answer results in another why perpetually.

One takeaway from this is, to ask better questions and really understand the answers to tough whys. We must keep learning. By learning new things we broaden our framework, and a broader framework leads us to a better understanding of ourselves, our purpose, and the world.